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The Marks & Spencer Marble Arch site is set at the junction of Oxford Street & Orchard Street, at the heart of Westminster’s International Centre: a world-famous retail destination.

The current site, where Marks & Spencer has operated since 1930, is bounded by Oxford Street, Orchard Street, Granville Street and Portman Mews South.

The current Marks & Spencer building provides a series of inefficient retail spaces with numerous internal columns and level changes.

The widening of Orchard Street in 1973 saw the creation of the covered walkway in what used to be active, retail frontage.

The site also includes the red-brick Neale House on the western part of the site. The site does not sit within a Conservation Area nor within the proximity of listed buildings with the exception of Grade II * listed Selfridges.

As a result, the site could do more to contribute to the vibrancy of the Oxford Street district, animate neighbouring streets and provide an improved retail experience in a new full-line Marks & Spencer store.

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